May 14, 2018

Lease is signed. We are in!

We have engaged contractors for the walkins - cooler and freezer, fire safety for gas venting and Health Inspection.

We have a 10 burner commercial gas stove with 2 ovens, and double flat top griddle with double ovens, a commercial double door glass cooler and a baker's rack with baking trays.

We have workstations ready, stainless steel tables of all sizes, and storage racks ready to go into the coolers and freezer.

Today, Our Kitchen Brantford is being painted a new clean white.

I have engaged a local company who is on the lookout for a triple sink, and hi temp dishwasher.

Next on the list is a double steamer and a double convection oven.


April 20, 2018

Welcome to the beginning of a great kitchen story. The pictures you will see are as the building is right now. I am hoping to change this for our use as a shared kitchen space. All your suggestions, advice and input is valued and appreciated. Please allow us to make this kitchen a roaring success and place to have a home for our businesses.

I would like to introduce myself

My name is Cathy Ferrar and I own a business called The Jelly Girls. I make jams, jellies, relishes, pie fillings and my main business is at The St Jacob’s Farmers Market. I also sell in town at Wylde Rose Handmade Soaps, The Kitchen and The Acorn as well as The Oakhill Urban Market.

i have been using The Burford Agricultural centre’s Kitchen. Although an amazing kitchen, I cannot leave my supplies there and 100$ per day adds up quickly. Sharing this kitchen will allow me to reasonably use a commercial kitchen and grow my business. I want to share the kitchen with others for a reasonable rate that will allow new and Existing businesses to thrive.

Papers will be signed next week and the fun will begin. There is a walk-in fridge and freezer that will be available once it is fixed. My main centre will be set up for jam production but is a regular kitchen with stove, steamer and sanitizer. My hope is for three other rental stations with a commercial stove and convection ovens to share.

There will be lots of stainless steel prep tables, bakers rack and personal racks for your tools and dishes - pans.
it is a bit of an overwhelming task and all comments are valued and appreciated.