July 15, 2018

We have now had delivery of our Southbend double oven, sinks, dishwashers, and have lockers, and more baking racks added to the list for delivery. Contractors have been put into place due to some resourceful young men and we are awaiting the drawing for business permit. We can’t wait as everything is there, just needs the cutting of the red tape.

The online schedule will be added and tweaked this week and the website posted shortly after. I have engaged the best people for the job. ?

We are purchasing Epicure cookware for the community kitchen and we are stocking the pantry with an event.
My favourite Epicure rep has opened up a group to purchase your own Epicure favourites and to add the hostess points to supplying the community kitchen in the front of the space with Epicure spices and product for everyone’s use.

If you want to join, I can add you. No obligation. The hostess points from the sale will purchase lots of lovely spices and organic stuff.

June 15, 2018

Hey, it is well past update time. We have been moving along but having a delay as the trades are really busy.

Today, the sinks arrived, two dishwashers, hi temp and regular - and tables for pre wash and drying. Now to get them installed.

We have purchased a Southbend double convection oven for the bakers in the group. That is a total of 6 ovens available! We will have 4 bakers racks for cooling, drying or other needs.

The Community Kitchen has a full kitchen to install. It will be outfitted with new appliances including dishwasher, island for demonstrating and teaching. We are working on the rates but they will be reasonable!

We are still moving ahead!
Oh Yeah! Free WIFI !


May 24, 2018

The front wall is out! Looks pretty good ?! but empty.

The entrance is cleared and ready for our community room. You will see "stuff" in the back getting ready to set up.

The vent hood is underway and our cooler/walkin is getting a facelift and power.

My toe is tapping waiting to get approvals for the kitchen so that I can MAKE JAM!

I work in a great kitchen now but it will be nice to store my dry goods, seasonings, pots!! etc. without having to remove them when I am finished. Those 50 lb bags get heavy!

Kick the tires and light the fires!