The anticipation inside Our Kitchen Brantford is growing and growing with every day! Everyone is excited to see the space actually coming together after such a long period of planning and construction. But soon, the shared, commercial kitchen space will be completed and everyone will be able to get things going.

Owner Cathy Ferrar and her team are just so excited for everything to actually get going. She said, “We really want to get out in the community and start having fun.” Referring to actually being able to make use of their shared kitchen space and to get more people involved with their project.


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To celebrate the opening of our fabulous new facility, Our Kitchen Brantford and The Jelly Girls are excited to present a special canning workshop by Master Preserver Camilla Wynne!

We may still have several weeks of winter to go, but it will look and taste like summer as Camilla uses citrus fruit to show us how to prepare delicious marmalades and other tasty treats. In this informative and entertaining workshop you will learn the basics of how to safely preserve your own fruits and vegetables and get valuable tips and techniques for successful home canning. You will leave with a jar each of two different preserves as well as the knowledge and confidence to safely modify recipes to produce your own signature “summer in a jar!”

As a participant of this special inaugural canning workshop, you will also receive a welcome bag from the Our Kitchen Brantford team – our Valentine gift to you!

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