May 24, 2018

The front wall is out! Looks pretty good ?! but empty.

The entrance is cleared and ready for our community room. You will see "stuff" in the back getting ready to set up.

The vent hood is underway and our cooler/walkin is getting a facelift and power.

My toe is tapping waiting to get approvals for the kitchen so that I can MAKE JAM!

I work in a great kitchen now but it will be nice to store my dry goods, seasonings, pots!! etc. without having to remove them when I am finished. Those 50 lb bags get heavy!

Kick the tires and light the fires!


May 14, 2018

Lease is signed. We are in!

We have engaged contractors for the walkins - cooler and freezer, fire safety for gas venting and Health Inspection.

We have a 10 burner commercial gas stove with 2 ovens, and double flat top griddle with double ovens, a commercial double door glass cooler and a baker's rack with baking trays.

We have workstations ready, stainless steel tables of all sizes, and storage racks ready to go into the coolers and freezer.

Today, Our Kitchen Brantford is being painted a new clean white.

I have engaged a local company who is on the lookout for a triple sink, and hi temp dishwasher.

Next on the list is a double steamer and a double convection oven.