July 23, 2018

We are filling the cupboards for our small business people and the community kitchen by hosting an Epicure party. Proceeds from your purchases will go to filling the cupboard at Our Kitchen Brantford,

If you would like to participate, please contact Vicki here and enjoy looking at the catalogue. Some fabulous items!

Thank you for your support....


July 17, 2018

Drawing has been initiated, building permit to follow, contractors engaged,all equipment is now on board and waiting.

Updating the business plan tomorrow to adjust timeline. September 1st is the new conservative date for opening and offering services.

Please let me know through by contacting us. I want to know what membership you are interested in, what we need to have available for you, and any other requirements.

We would love your suggestions for the Community Kitchen. This is a separate kitchen in the front of the building that will look like a residential kitchen. It has fridge, dishwasher, wall ovens, and an island with a gas cooktop. The island will be surrounded with a higher counter and tall stools.

It will be certified and available as a commercial kitchen but will also be available for classes, demonstrations, events.

There are 2 tables, One can seat 18 if needed and a long bar stool height that will also seat 12. This kitchen can be used for events, workshops, meetings, packaging, assembling gift baskets, and whatever you need...

The community kitchen will also be available 24/7 for use.

We value and appreciate your suggestions. This is OUR Kitchen Brantford. And we love small business....